Today marks a slight reboot of my company’s work. For the past weeks, well over 2 months time, I’ve spent almost all my time on external work, getting hired for an assignment to work together on creating a game for Manus VR. It was an experience I needed, but it was also an incredibly hefty reminder why I’m here, and why I’ve started this little company.
I won’t, and actually can’t just dive straight back into game development just yet. I need to figure out for myself what it is that I really want to accomplish with DuskLight Studios. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, and it will always be something that will evolve as time goes. The core of it I’m pretty sure of.
What I want to do, with my life, with this little business, is to create.
Creating playful experiences for others and myself to enjoy. Whether it be exploring something on your own or playing together, either with or against each other. Whether on mobile, PC or anything else. I’ve always loved creating something interactive and I’ve loved seeing people run through it, letting me know what they think, what they feel, what’s good and what can be better. I’ve done this since I was a kid, and it’s exactly that which I want to spend my time doing.
To start with, I’m still going to develop for mobile devices. I know the market is oversaturated, but I feel this type of touch based interaction is what I want to create for first.
To get the game to whoever wants to play it, I’m going to drop the manual emailing list and move over to the Google PlayStore. Kind of like a public pre-alpha for mobile games, and I hope a lot of them. To get feedback, I’m going to drop the google forms I used, and I’m including something directly into all prototype apps. With that process streamlined, it’s my hope I can provide everyone with something to try out and gather the data I need to improve the games and my way of thinking on the development of these games.
Create, show, improve both the games and me. I guess it’s exactly what I’ve always done, and what I’ll always love doing. Let’s use that to reach something great.

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