PlayStore Preperations

The past couple of days, I’ve been experimenting with the more (to me) difficult matters of app development. Getting an app on the PlayStore and incorporating third party plugins.
I succesfully got a Test App running on the Google PlayStore, as well as three working plugins. PlayGames Services for leaderboards and achievements, Google Analytics for recording gameplay events andPollfish for including surveys into my apps.
By adding leaderboards andachievements to my prototypes, which in itself is not much effort, adds quite some gameplay value for testers to play the games.
By adding gameplay event tracking, I can see exactly at what stage players win or lose the game, or how many enemies they’ve blown apart, or how many times they’ve jumped up in a specific level. Really useful data for balancing.
By adding surveys into my apps, I can offer players to complete one and reward them with in-app content. As a developer, I get funds for each completed survey, and it’s not pushed into the players faces. My original goal with the survey plugin, however, was to gather feedback on the apps using surveys. This proved to be impossible, so Pollfish (and all other monetization) has to wait until I have an actual full-scale project in development.
I have an infuriating problem, however. Google Analytics requires a library to function, but Google PlayGames REMOVES this library automatically! This causes Google Analytics to no longer operate on Android. Difficult, but I’ll find some kind of work-around eventually.
All of this eventually leads to the features I need as a developer to properly let people test, and enjoy, the variety of prototypes I’ll publish on the PlayStore. Hopefully leading to more detailed feedback, and eventually a better playful experience for everyone.

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