First Prototype

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been extremely busy figuring out the process on how to develop a prototype android game from start to finish. From idea, to concept, to development, to launch preperations and actual launching.

Suffice to say, I’ve learned and created so much over the past few days. For every step that I take, I record it. Everything I develop for something that every project has to walk through, I create in such a way I can use it again in the next project. Because of this, I’ve put together quite a powerful framework within Unity with which to create 2D mobile games.

I now also know every step that I need to take, from start to finish, to create and release an Android game, including all the features that I need to make it work the way I need.

Looking back, in the past 5 weeks, I accomplished the following:

  • Created an animated splashscreen.
  • Added Pollfish API and registration.
  • Added Google Analytics API and registration.
  • Added Google PlayGames API and registration.
  • Improved all API’s into something matching my workflow.
  • Uploaded TestApp to Google PlayStore, testing all API’s and the uploading / Alpha Testing processes involved.
  • A ton of small changes to my framework, massively improving workflow.
  • Completely redesigned the Input Module for my games. Mouse and Touch input treated as the same, interactable objects gained input priority.
  • Created a reusable user interface, which contains easily modified parts:
    • How to Play.
    • Feedback reporting tool.
    • Achievements, Leaderboards, Analytics buttons.
    • Social Media and website links.
    • Start, pause and game over UI.
    • Feature: instantly implementable into my framework.
  • Fixing up, adding leaderboards and achievements and uploading a Global Game Jam game, Space Cake Delivery. Good test run of the API implementations.
  • Started development on Dash Prototype project.
  • Implementing my framework, improving it more, adding in and setting up all the UI, API and Modules it needs to work.
  • Created player input, enemies, spawning enemies in patterns, morphing environments, dynamic hazards, scoring & combo, game restart.
  • Created Google Forms for collecting feedback.
  • Added IAP functionality to framework, and donations button to UI
  • Added 29 Achievements, 1 leaderboard and a lot of Analytics Logs to Dash Prototype.
  • Created icons and store graphics.
  • Visited the Dutch Game Garden Networklunch.
  • Updating my ‘communications’ documents.
  • Listing all the steps I’ve taken into one big checklist document.

And with all of that, the Dash Prototype is finally ready for Open Alpha Testing.

The prototype is complete, the preparations are done, all dashboards are set. All I have to do now is testrun it one more time, to see if the testing process works.

Dash is an energetic, high powered highscore game where you play within a microscopic, alien world, trying to survive with an increasingly difficult number of dangers. See further down below for some animated .gifs of the gameplay.

What would be next, then, is to spread the news on the alpha testing. To bring the game to as many people as possible, to let everyone in the whole world play it, for free, so I know what’s good and bad about it. With that information, I can hopefully create something that this prototype wouldn’t even compare to.

Keep your eyes open, once the test is done, I’ll put out a release date for the open alpha testing!



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