Dash Development


Dash Development

Dash started out with a simple idea; Powerful, impactful smashing things across the screen, trying to become better and better in the game to improve your previous highscore.

Using this idea, the prototype was developed within 2.5 weeks time, using the Unity2D engine and utilizing our modular DuskLight Framework.

This is our first prototype to be succesfully released onto the PlayStore for testing, and as such, a lot of time was spent on research towards this goal. Equipped with the knowledge of this project, we hope the next prototype will see a shorter total development cycle.

If you want to give it a try, head on to the download page here!


The main mechanics required to complete the prototype were as follows:

  • Player physics and input
  • Shockwaves
  • Destructable Orbs
  • Orb spawning patterns
  • Randomized morphing environment
  • Scoring and combo multiplier
  • Infector spawning, flight, and orb infection
  • Player death and end-game.

For each mechanic, the core functionality, visuals, sounds and game flow were required to be completed. Prototyping is not only developing the basic mechanics, but also capturing the atmosphere and emotion we’re trying to convey.

All code has been developed from scratch, though using many modules from the DuskLight Framework to ease development of these features.


Using the Google PlayStore open alpha testing functionality, we published Dash and shared the link to as many people as we could. In preperation for this, we created an in-app feedback reporting tool that links to a Google Form, where we collect most of the feedback.

On certain social media pages, we received feedback directly instead of via the feedback form. Despite adding a bit of extra work in collecting it all, we’re happy to see so much responses. All feedback has been collected and compiled into a clear overview.

Responses showed that most people really enjoy our game, and some even absolutely loved it. Without a doubt, the core mechanic of this game has a future, but there is a lot of features to improve, add and polish.


This prototype is likely to become a full project, and released product on the PlayStore one day. There is much to be done before that is a possibility, however, since the following features are important to create diversity and replayability:

  • Different ‘Zones’, each zone containing a different vibe, challenges and rewards.
  • More settings for input, sound and visual preferences.
  • An immersive tutorial, displayed at the start of a session. (toggleable in settings)
  • Improved visuals and sound
  • Unlockables cosmetics, lore and gameplay variations.

It will be awhile before all of this becomes a reality, so stay in touch with our social media pages if you’re interested in the future of this project!

It’s unknown what form of monetization this game will eventually contain (Got to make a living, too), but it is leaning towards an in-app-purchases game. Pay to win is terrible, though, we’ll be careful with balancing every available purchase.

And ofcourse, we are driven by your feedback. So let us hear your thoughts!


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