HexFlow Prototype Released

The second prototype, a strategic puzzle game where you change the flow of power, has finally been released as open alpha on the Google PlayStore!

The past two months have been troubled by long periods of low energy. After coming back from a two week vacation, I lost my drive, my motivation in game development somehow. During this time I was stuck figuring out what I really wanted to do with all of this, and only few hours in the weeks were spent on the development of this prototype.

Eventually I realized a couple of things. My main motivation to create a game has always been that I want to play it myself. An idea is formed in my mind, and I get hyped up to play a game like that, but it doesn’t exist yet. So I create it. Ofcourse, I do take into account the playability of the game for other people, as well. Seeing other people experience my creations is one of the best moments of the whole game development process.

Last week, work was picked up again proper and I finally finished the HexFlow prototype for all to play.

HexFlow Prototype

Download Link

In HexFlow, you take turns in rotating a tile on the playing field. By rotating, the paths change, allowing power to flow into different directions. Power Cores act as sources of power, and are important to gain control over the match.

The game is a competitive strategic puzzle game. Logical thought, patience and preperation can lead you to victory. Play against either the computer player, or test your skills against other, real players.











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